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T's for troops was started by three traveling musicians who while on a USO tour visited the wounded in hospital, "It was hard not to cry, seeing Americas best with little or no clothes to wear while recouping", said Debbie. "So we got informed and found out that US troops after they been wounded, are flown to Germany and they have to wait for their duffle bags to catch up to them...that could take weeks! So the Chaplains and their wives got busy and started buying clothes to give to the troops and put a smile and some dignity back in their lives," Lavon said.

So for the past 4 years this org has been busy providing quality t's for Americas finest Jim went on to say, "I've learned the cause doesn't have to be big it just has to be YOURS" so we're going to try to put a shirt on every wounded GI in that theater! He's got big dreams but so far it's working.

Please visit our sponsors and support them, better yet, email them off their web site and say thanks for supporting our troops, they're making this dream a reality.

Donate now to Tee Shirts 4 Troops
If you want to be a part you can either click the donate now button and use pay pal, or Buy a Super hero T-shirt at your favorite vendor and send it to our offices. We'll make sure it gets hand delivered to one of your boys. This part of the war we can all fight and make a difference. More coming soon, The T's for Troops Team